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Guidelines on site use

This site has been developed to help users who are looking for more than one word answers to their questions. We welcome requests for in-depth research be it work related or education orientated!

When you place a question you will be given the following options:

To pay or not?

A paid question will recieve more attention!
Payment rates vary according to amount of time taken to research your question!
All questions will be researched before an answer is given. The research staff have been referenced by NetReference a sister company owned by You Ask Me Ltd.

How does it work ?

1. Ask a question.
Create your account then enter your question.
2. Name your price.
Place a fully refundable payment (you get a refund if answer is innacurate or your not happy with it).
3. A member of staff will answer, often within minutes, usually within a few hours.
YouAskMe will send an e-mail notifying you of any answer or request for information from a member of staff.
4. Accept the answer.
Your acceptance pays the research assistant and tells us you’re happy. If you got great service, consider adding a bonus.
That’s all. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Payment for all transactions is via PayPal the safer way to pay!

Join us ?

Become a part of this growing company as either a research assistant or as a consultant in your own field of expertise! Payment rates will vary. You must provide a Cv/resume (it will be checked).




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